To create and sustain a Cultural Embassy of the Indigenous Peoples that will support local-global and holistic indigenous community development initiatives in education, culture, and economic development in accord with the principles of Community Ecology and Self Determination.


A Cultural Embassy of Indigenous Peoples



Organized in kinship systems of extended families that are built around traditional obligations of respect for the land, inclusiveness, complementarity and self-discipline, the Calpolli identifies the basic unit of community identity in the Mexica culture.  Having survived over 500 years of colonization and genocide, the Calpolli Nahuacalco is but one more expression of the responsibility and right of Self Determination as Nican Tlacah, Original Nations of Indigenous Peoples of Cemanahuac, Our Sacred Mother Earth -TONANTZIN.

Regenerated a generation ago by the founding families of TONATIERRA, the Calpolli Nahuacalco of Izkalotlan represents a link to the ancestral forms of self-governance that guides the work of TONATIERRA, and brings to the forefront at the community level on a daily basis the realization of the path of tradition and liberation, resistance and regeneration.


Self Determination for the Original Nations of Indigenous Peoples!

Tehuan Nican Titlacah ipan inic Chicuace Tonatiuh!


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