Abya Yala

Continental Indigenous Uprising



2020 Spring-Fall 2020


The historical trajectory of the Continental Indigenous Movement of Self Determination has arrived a defining moment. Over the past generation, the organizing initiatives of the Original Nations of Indigenous Peoples of Abya Yala have collectively gained a measure of recognition within the continental and global geopolitical regimes of the government states and their respective national constituencies.  The UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, adopted on September 13, 2007, is one such point of reference in the struggle against over five centuries of colonialism and genocide.  Yet. it was the UN General Assembly itself that in 2014 subverted the right of Free, Prior, and Informed Consent by adopting a System Wide Action Plan in order to implement the Declaration as a UN bureaucratic norm instead of an international geopolitical platform to normalize the standards of a binding International Convention on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.  The right of Self Determination of Indigenous Peoples is being reduced to a process of nationalization under the UN Westphalian system of state sovereignty in violation of the International Human Right of Indigenous Self Determination as “Peoples, Equal to all other peoples…”

Marked from the First Continental Indigenous Encounter of 1990 in Quito, Ecuador the most recent continental convening of Indigenous Nations and Pueblos occurred in 2013 at the Fifth Continental Summit Abya Yala the Cauca Territories of the Nasa Nation in Colombia.

In 2020, in the Spirit of Self Determination and in Defense of the Territorial Integrity of Mother Earth, the Continental Commission Abya Yala calls for not yet another summit, not yet another event. We call for the unfolding and realization of a continental EVENTUALITY, synchronized upon the Uprising and Emergence of the Butterfly Suns of the Spring-Fall Equinoxes of March and September 2020.

We call for each Original Nation of Indigenous Peoples of Abya Yala to vision, to organize and exercise the Right of Self Determination as Original Nations of Indigenous Peoples acting in Continental Alliance and Confederation in defense of the Territorial Integrity of Mother Earth.